Welcome to Splash Paediatric Therapy! We are a Melbourne-based paediatric therapy practice specialising in occupational therapy and speech therapy, dedicated to assisting children achieve their full potential.

Splash Paediatric Therapy provides assessments and intervention to children aged from birth to 16 years of age on site at our clinics, within the childcare, kinder, school or home environments, dependent on the therapy goals. 

Our nationally registered and qualified Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists are an experienced and vibrant team who have regular clinical supervision and professional development to ensure we are delivering evidence based practice, providing a high quality service to our families. We use a goal based approach to ensure our therapy is targeted and produces results within a reasonable timeframe. We welcome any families, teachers or other allied health professionals to contact us directly for a discussion in regards to supporting their needs.


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Splash offers Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology services in the clinic, home and kinder/school settings 

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Meet Splash's team of professional therapists and friendly support staff  

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We'd love to discuss how our services can set your child up for a brighter future

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